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Get creative with your marketing!

Bruce at Rock This Way

Get creative with your marketing! Many business owners struggle with marketing, but in fact it can be the best part of doing business. If you watch companies that are good with marketing you will see one thing, FUN! Have you ever gone to a… Continue Reading “Get creative with your marketing!”

An interview is about them not you!

Runaway Guest Cartoon by Bruce Outridge

With media platforms on the internet becoming more popular than ever before there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to be interviewed or showcased in the media. It used to be that the media was known only as the news on television… Continue Reading “An interview is about them not you!”

Road Today Truck Show – May 27th, 2017

Bruce is awarded the Road Today Trucking Ambassador of the Year

Road Today Media Group will be having their annual truck show on May 27th, 2017 in Brampton, Ontario. This is a free family event that will encompass a truck show, cultural event, and job fair all at the same time. I will be at… Continue Reading “Road Today Truck Show – May 27th, 2017”

Making Small Opportunities into Big Ones

Time is precious to all of us and entrepreneurs are busy doing everything from being the janitor to the CEO. So spending time with uneventful opportunities may seem like a low priority to many people. Many times however, those small opportunities can turn into… Continue Reading “Making Small Opportunities into Big Ones”

Do you know your customer service level?

Have you ever tried to figure out your customer service percentage? To do this evaluate your customer base and break them into an even number such as 10, 100, etc. Out of those clients how many were unsatisfied with your service or product? If… Continue Reading “Do you know your customer service level?”

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