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If you are looking for a consulting service you have come to the right place. Bruce has programs to help you with business and marketing.

Being a business owner can be very satisfying and also very challenging. Starting your business properly and then learning how to market it effectively are areas that can make you successful or be part of the 50% of businesses that fail. Let’s get started helping you on your path to success.

Starting a Business

Starting an art or creative business then get my free book on “How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps.

Starting a trucking business as a new owner operator then “Running by The Mile” is the best book for you.

If you are just investigating the business landscape then my free resources such as articles, podcasts, books, or courses.

If you are just starting your business then the “Start your business” page is for you.

Market Your Business

If you are trying to “Market your business” then this is the best page for you.

Improve your communication skills then Media Talk may be a good coaching program for you.

Looking to create content for your business, click here for Bruce’s coaching on content creation.


Bruce has been a large part of the social media business planning with Fleet-Tax Services Inc., Bruce goes over and beyond what is asked of him and always with a positive, creative outlook.
Thanks Bruce for everything you have done to bring Fleet-Tax Services Inc. to where they are today and our plan for future projects.

Vickie de Vos

This year, Bruce, knowing my desire and enjoyment of writing, suggested that I might be able to make some extra cash by writing blog material and he’s led me along from there.  I am so excited and grateful to Bruce for his patience with me. Thank You, Bruce.
Nick Nicholson, Brantford, ON

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