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Creative Entrepreneur / Media Production Expert

Anyone can share a social media post but creating content is not for the faint of heart. Whether it’s writing books, creating cartoons, producing podcasts, or hosting television shows content is the key to all of those projects.

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Many of today’s youth have big dreams but need inspiration through seeing others that have gone before them and if that’s you then check out my show Inspiring Youth TV on Your TV in Canada. You can learn more about me on the about page and the blog page is a good place to get more free information. I am available as a motivational speaker if you need someone to come and inspire your youth group.



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Bruce Outridge-Speaking Information

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Inspiring Youth Keynote
Connecting with Future Generations

Employment ideas for employers and youth on careers

In this keynote presentation Bruce talks about his talks with the Millennial Generation and Generation X and what they are looking for in an employer in the future. Find out how to connect with the youth of today and tomorrow. Find out how to connect with the youth of today and tomorrow as he shares his experiences talking with young people on his television show Inspiring Youth.  Learn more about this presentation by clicking here.

3 Steps to Creating Memorable
and Effective Content Workshop
Creating Content for the Next Generation

Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Communication ideas

Are you trying to make communicating more interesting within your team or event of the next generation? Are you looking to connect with your market or audience? Do you want to create creative content that can be shared in various ways and created for various audiences? Learn more about this presentation by clicking here.

Life is a Graphic Novel Keynote
Get Started With Your Career Today

The winding path of business and careers for young people

In this keynote presentation Bruce talks about how he became a creative entrepreneur after a life of driving trucks and how his experiences have helped him create the successful business he has today. His message “just get started” follows through the presentation as he helps the audience learn that the experience they gain today may help them with success in the future. To learn more about this presentation by clicking here.

Value Driven Performance Workshop
Values, Values in Life, Careers, Business

Values, value of life, in business and careers for the youth of today

This workshop is best paired with the keynote “Life is a Graphic Novel”. Learn how to build a value based business using your internal values and beliefs. Motivational speaker Bruce Outridge uses his comic book series as the base for this presentation helping creative audiences follow their values to create unique businesses or careers. Learn more about this presentation by clicking here.

Top 20 Club Keynote
Attracting Talent in the Workplace

Career performance and employee recruitment strategies

Keynotes presentation from Bruce talks about creating opportunities and growth in your workplace to attract the talent of today and tomorrow. Learn how to evaluate your team for performance instead of minimum criteria and the importance of having a clear careers for employees so that they want to stay with your organization and improve recruitment for your team. Learn more about this presentation by clicking here.

Building a Professional Brand Workshop
Personal Branding and Professionalism

Personal branding and professionalism techniques for employees

This workshop is popular in the transportation and other blue collar industries as Bruce show participants how to build personal brands and how they relate to opportunities in the workplace. Bruce uses the 12 steps of Professionalism and his experience as a former professional truck driver as a base for helping employees reach the Top 20 Club where the opportunities are available in many companies. Learn more about this presentation by clicking here.

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Learn about Bruce Outridge
Artist, Author, Motivational Speaker,
Podcast, and Television Host

Fun Fact about motivational speaker Bruce Outridge:  Bruce is Canadian born with Guyanese heritage and has been traveling to the Caribbean since he was a child.

“Inspiring the Future

When your inspiration is drawing, writing, and speaking it can only lead to a person being creative and possibly even a motivational speaker. I started drawing at the age of ten years old and had to learn it on my own as I found art classes at school didn’t include drawing instruction. In fact I used to get detentions in school for what I now charge hundreds of dollars for an hour in my art business.

At sixteen my passion for drawing turned to driving and I fell in love with the Bruce Outridgeprocess. I spent twenty five years driving transport trucks across North America which taught me more about dealing with people than school ever did. I still work very closely with the trucking industry speaking on business and careers for the industry. Check out my podcast for truck drivers called The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers.

At the age of forty I went back to school and that kicked off my entrepreneurial career. I learned creative writing, marketing, business, and I use all of those skills in my business today. Since starting my art business back in 2003 on a part time basis, I took it full time in 2006 and stopped driving trucks. Since that time I have created comic books, built an art business, expanded into a consulting a business, and now a speaking business.

My services today include helping people be more creative, content marketing for clients, art entertainment for events, and inspiration for people to help them create the lives they want. I do that through my podcasts, books, articles, television show, and as a motivational speaker.

I am a professional member of many local and international organizations such as CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), ISCA (International Society of Caricature Artists), Oakville Arts Council,  ACC (Association of Canadian Cartoonists), Burlington Chamber of Commerce, and Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council

My inspiration for business is that it teaches you to be creative to be successful. I try to inspire youth to let them know just because you are not great in school doesn’t mean you are not talented or important. I aim to show people that have amazing talent such as artists and musicians that you can make a career you love if you are willing to put in the work. I also use my programs to inspire corporate teams to think differently and use cartooning processes to help them do that. If you have ever sat in a meeting where no one could come up with an original idea, then you understand the importance of inspiration.

I hope to work with you one day in the area of importance to you,


Outridge Enterprises Inc – www.outridgeenterprises.ca

Website for all of the businesses under our parent company Outridge Enterprises Inc.


Inspiring Youth TV

Bruce Outridge – Television, Inspiration

Welcome to Inspiring Youth TV

What is Inspiring Youth TV? Inspiring Youth TV is a television show that was developed for Cogeco Television which is a television network in Ontario Canada. The Inspiring Youth Show airs on Cogeco’s YOURTV community channel in September 2017 and is currently filming Season 2.

So what is the show actually about?

In short the show showcases ambitious youth and community partners that Inspiring-Youth-Logo-colourcan help them or have helped them further their career. It started like this:

How did the show get started?

I was speaking at an event put on by Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC) for their Men and Career Coaches program. I was one of many keynote speakers that evening and had the pleasure of meeting Stuart Aker who is a Producer at Cogeco TV. He approached me at a later date with the opportunity to do a community show. As we met at an event for youth in the area I suggested we do a show showcasing youth in the area and the idea was born. I was assigned a Tech Producer / Camera person named James Spalding and we began work on the show.

Over the next couple months James, the team at Cogeco, and myself took on the task of filming thirteen episodes that included studio interviews, on-location film shoots, and arranging schedules with multiple guests.

Bruce filming Special Olympics

The way these programs work is that the host (me) comes up with the show topic, content for the show, and the guests. Cogeco supplies the technical aspect with equipment, studio, and support. A big thank you to Stuart, James, Daniel, Shane, and Michelle for helping out with filming for the show.

To check out weekly updates and guest features click here

Filming was completed in various stages and locations. As the only people that may see the show on television are in the Halton area so I took along my own video equipment to capture footage in the studio and on location as well.


Click here for the Cogeco Show schedule for the show.

So if you are outside of Halton or would like to see background footage including Behind the Scenes video check out the Inspiring Youth TV channel on YouTube.

Check us out on Your TV
Check us out on Your TV

Inspiring Youth TV On YouTube-Click Here!

I hope you enjoy the show. Keep an eye out for future episodes of the show, special episodes, and future seasons. It was a great experience for those involved and I look forward to repeating the process in the future.


Bruce Outridge – Books, Business

The Bruce Outridge book store includes topics on business and leadership. These include his latest 3 Steps to Creating Memorable & Effective Content WorkbookRunning By The Mile, Driven to Drive, and How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps.

Some books have been turned into courses that are now taught in career colleges and I am often hired to help companies with their marketing and social media programs. I bring the business experience of an entrepreneur, the creativity of an artist, and the leadership of a top professional in my industry. If you are looking to read information that can help you be better in your career or business then this is the place for you?

Check out Bruce’s Bookstore

How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps

This book is for artists and creative looking to start their own businesses and How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Stepsnot sure where to go next. The book is part workbook and guide and is laid out so people can work at their own pace.


Click here to learn more about the book.

3 Steps to Creating Memorable & Effective Content Workbook

This book is a workbook that paired with Bruce’s workshop or video course 3 Steps to Creating Memorable & Effective Content Workbookhelps business owners, marketers, or those looking to create content a formula for finding their target market and reaching them through social media or presentations.


Click here to learn more…..

Driven to Drive

Driven to Drive takes a look at my career from entering the trucking industry Driven to Drive by Bruce Outridgeas a helper at the age of seventeen years old to becoming an owner operator, driver, supervisor, and now consultant. I offer tips and ideas


to help drivers have long successful careers in the industry.
You can learn more by clicking the link here.

Running By The Mile

This book is for those wanting to become owner operators in today’s trucking Running by The Mile by Bruce Outridgeindustry. This book was turned into a course as well and is available to be taught live or through Bruce’s video course.


Click here for more information.

To purchase books by phone please call 289-337-2630

Most titles are available in paperback or ebook versions.