3 Steps to Creating Memorable & Effective Content Workbook

“Inspiring others to take action!”

Who is your perfect client? Most people when asked that question will say 3 Steps to Creating Memorable & Effective Content Workbookeveryone, but we know that’s a lie. We need to look past the person that my look at the product or service and really dog down deep to know our customer. Bruce’s book “3 Steps to Creating Memorable & Effective Content Workbook” does just that, helps you dig down to find the right profile of your perfect customer or audience. Once you have found that Bruce will help you create memorable and effective content to reach that audience with your chosen material.

This workbook can be used alone but is best used in conjunction with Bruce’s workshop of the same name or with his video of the presentation. Learn how to market to your perfect client.

This book will be soon available for sale online. Currently the book is only available with a workshop or ordering by phone. Call 289-337-2630

Here is what people have to say about the book:

“I highly recommend Bruce Outridge’s “3 Steps to Creating a Memorable and Effective Workbook and corresponding video, it is fantastic. I am starting my own company and was having a difficult time capturing who my target audience is. I am in a unique industry and Bruce’s workbook was able to simplify it for me to allow me dig deep and consider my perfect audience. I was also struggling on Marketing as I wasn’t sure of my exact target audience. He also makes great tool recommendations to be able to capture and share content. Finally, I just love his creativity throughout the book, he uses humour and keeps you engaged. Overall, he has amazing energy that really makes you feel motivated to succeed. I would recommend him and look forward to continue to work with him.

Nicole Mclean
Virtual Speech Lab

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