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Bruce Outridge-Artist, Author, Consultant, Speaker

Outridge Enterprises Inc. / President-Director

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, consultant, and speaker that helps people create unique content to help market their businesses. He has been a professional cartoonist for over ten years, author of four books on business and leadership, and produces two podcasts with thousands of listeners. Bruce brings his talent, knowledge, and experience to create creative presentations helping the audience create unique content to tell their story.

Bruce’s expertise has brought him to the point of being an expert on content. All he has been doing since becoming an entrepreneur has been around creating content for himself or others. His background in the transportation industry has been helpful in providing him the ability to use many experiences in his work. As a professional cartoonist, published author, podcast producer, and business consultant Bruce understands how to create content.

His cartoons are regularly published in publications and custom produced for client projects. He is often hired to write articles for clients and has been a columnist for industry magazines in the arts and transportation. Years ago Bruce began to produce podcasts and now has two weekly shows on business, marketing, and career information. He produces video and animation content and has been designing websites for clients since 2007.

The Full Story-If you care to read it!

Bruce was taught an early age that commitment and dedication to a job or project were not to be taken lightly. Becoming President of his own corporation has been no easy featBruce Outridge and has brought him to new heights in his life. Now the President of Outridge Enterprises Inc. with three divisions in three separate markets has made Bruce a well respected


individual in the transportation, artistic, and business markets. The professionalism he is known for in his 30 year history in the transportation industry from driver and owner operator to fleet supervisor is common knowledge to those that know Bruce on a personal level. He began his career in the household furniture industry working for some of the major van lines, became an owner operator and was regularly requested by clients due to his exceptional customer service skills. He decided to move to the freight side of the transportation industry and began moving his career forward as a dependable professional driver excelling due to his leadership qualities promoting him to fleet supervisor for a major chemical company.

Deciding to follow his entrepreneurial spirit due to personal reasons Bruce began to focus on his illustration business that he had started in 2003 on a part time basis. He now specializes in illustrating for the public, trade magazines, and corporate clients within the transportation industry. His personal work is based upon his messages of leadership that he speaks about today. In 2009 Bruce decided he wanted to share the many leadership values he had experienced throughout his career and launched his consulting business. Bruce now shares those messages to various organizations helping businesses reduce complacency, improve efficiency and productivity, and improve the customer service levels of their employees.

Bruce has developed programs for new owner operators helping create successful businesses and shows the same dedication to his clients as he does to his own projects. He was awarded the Road Today Trucking Ambassador of the Year Award for his extraordinary service and dedication to the trucking industry in 2011. He is a regular columnist with trade magazines in the transportation industry and is regularly followed on his own blogs, industry publications and newsletters as a guest author. He has released a number of books for the transportation industry including Driven to Drive, Running By The Mile, and the Hammer Down Cartoon Series.

His book for artists named How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps is a great book for artists wanting to start a creative business. With a transportation and arts background it can be very confusing to clients as to what Bruce does, but in the long run it works because he has experience across a broad range of industries. In 2015 he decided it was time for a change and re-branded the business. He wanted to combine his talents and experience and decided creativity and content was the direction to go. He is constantly asked for his opinion on business or marketing and is even known to some colleagues as their personal thought bubble. Bruce enjoys helping people and thought the best way to channel those talents is to talk about the one subject that encompasses everything he does and stands for, CONTENT!”

Since 2015 Bruce has created two podcasts which cover business, marketing, and career information for those trying to improve their lives. His business goals are focused around his three basic components of speaking, drawing, and writing. You can learn how theses areas fit into Bruce’s business by clicking here.

He is looking forward to speaking for your group in the near future. You can learn more about Bruce’s presentations by clicking here!