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When your talent is drawing, writing, and speaking it can only lead to a person being creative. I started drawing at the age of ten years old and had to learn it on my own as I found art classes at school didn’t include drawing instruction. In fact I used to get detentions in school for what I now charge hundreds of dollars for an hour in my art business.

At sixteen my passion for drawing turned to driving and I fell in love with the Bruce Outridgeprocess. I spent twenty five years driving transport trucks across North America which taught me more about dealing with people than school ever did. I still work very closely with the trucking industry speaking on business and careers for the industry. Check out my podcast for truck drivers called The The Lead Pedal Podcast.

At the age of forty I went back to school and that kicked off my entrepreneurial career. I learned creative writing, marketing, business, and I use all of those skills in my business today. Since starting my art business back in 2003 on a part time basis, I took it full time in 2006 and stopped driving trucks. Since that time I have created comic books, built an art business, expanded into a consulting a business, and now a speaking business.

My services today include helping people be more creative, content marketing for clients, art entertainment for events, and inspiring people to create the lives they want. I do that through my podcasts, books, articles, television show, and speaking.

I am a professional member of many local and international organizations such as CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), ISCA (International Society of Caricature Artists), ACC (Association of Canadian Cartoonists), Burlington Chamber of Commerce, and Hamilton Niagara Fleet Safety Council

What I love about business is that it teaches you to be creative to be successful. I try to inspire youth to let them know just because you are not great in school doesn’t mean you are not talented or important. I aim to show people that have amazing talent such as artists and musicians that you can make a career you love if you are willing to put in the work. I also use my creativity programs to inspire corporate teams to think differently and use cartooning processes to help them do that. If you have ever sat in a meeting where no one could come up with an original idea, then you understand the importance of creative thinking.

I hope to work with you one day in the area of importance to you,


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