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Inspiration can come from all types of sources but the challenge is that each person is inspired in a different way. In my younger years I felt there was a lack of Barbados sunsetinspiration especially for those of us that are creative in nature. I don’t believe everyone is inspired the same way so my programming is here to help those of you that are creative and possibly haven’t found inspiration in traditional places. As a creative entrepreneur myself I understand there are certain things that will inspire you whether starting a business, looking into a career, or trying to inspire your group. You should be able to find a way that I can help you through the content below.

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Inspiration for Groups

The No Advantage-Keynote
Using Non-Believers to Fuel Your Success!

Content Focus: Inspiration, Business, Careers, Entrepreneurs

In this keynote presentation Bruce talks about how he became a creative entrepreneur after a life of driving trucks and how his experiences have helped him create the successful business he has today. His message “just get started” follows through the presentation as he helps the audience learn that the experience they gain today may help them with success in the future. To learn more about this presentation by clicking here.

Inspiring Youth Keynote
“Learning from the Youth of Today”

Content Focus: Inspiration, Communication, Young People, Business, Careers

In this keynote presentation Bruce talks about how and why he created the Inspiring Youth Television Show and what he has learned about communicating with the youth of today. Learn what young people feel are important and how they like to communicate in the World today. Learn more about this keynote here.

Inspiration for Your Career or Business

Check out Bruce’s podcast Cashing in on Creativity Podcast where he interviews amazing creative entrepreneurs and offers business advice to get you started in your business. You can also view specific parts of the interviews, success tips and more on his YouTube Channel

Inspiration for Young People

View Bruce’s television show Inspiring Youth where he interviews ambitious youth and the community partners that help them. This television show is available on YourTV in Halton and excerpts can be seen on our YouTube channel. Learn more about the show by clicking here!

Get Your Business Started!

Bruce has a number of Consulting and Coaching Packages to help you start and market your business. You can get started with Bruce’s FREE book How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps-click here to get your free copy! If you still need help then hiring Bruce would be the next step.


Inspire Your Creative Life

I believe we all have a lot to offer the World, we just may not know it. Who would you like to inspire? What values have taken you through life that may be passed onto others helping them achieve success. Maybe my latest book will help inspire your life and help show you that you’re not done helping others. Learn more about the book here.


Check out all of Bruce’s Books

I have written books for industries outside of being a creative entrepreneur such as the transportation industry. Find a book that fits your interest.

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