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The Lead Pedal Podcast

“Accelerate Your Career in Transportation”

The Lead Pedal podcast with Bruce Outridge

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The Lead Pedal Podcast is a topic based podcast for truck drivers and those that lead them offering business and career information for people involved in the trucking industry. Host Bruce Outridge has been in the industry for over 30 years and offers business advice, interviews, and career information to help new and existing truck drivers improve their careers in transportation. The Lead Pedal Podcast has features such asĀ  interviews with industry experts, featured music, career information, and business tips. Topics will cover anything related to the professional truck driver and those in transportation from trip planning to business start up, to health and fitness with a large focus on leadership. If you are interested in being in the top 20 percent of drivers in the industry and making more money then this is the show for you.

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Sponsors of The Lead Pedal Podcast

Shows like The Lead Pedal Podcast take time, technology, and money to produce. To keep a podcast such as this moving forward and gaining listeners we need sponsors and advertisers. This show is meant to offer value to the community and transportation industry and is not meant to just take money without providing that value. Our show only offers ten sports per month at this time for advertising therefore it is possible to be added to a waiting list in order to be a part of the program. Should we have enough interest and content we will entertain the option of adding additional shows. Our show is released each week and our rates increase as our audience grows. We are proud to have the following sponsors as part of our show for this year. If you would like to become a sponsor please contact us by clicking this email link.

Smart Trucker Seminar Series – Smart Trucker offers information for those new to the trucking industry. The seminar series moves throughout Ontario to various locations allowing industry experts to be part of the program and offer and market their services to potential clients. You can learn more about Smart Trucker visit

Trucker Radio-Trucker Radio is a podcast with industry information for the trucking industry with music and industry experts and interviews. You can learn more about Trucker Radio on their website at or your favourite podcast platform.

Outridge Translation Services – Outridge Translation Services offers French and English translation services for those dealing with the Province of Quebec. The company has been offering translation services for over 30 years and works with technical, general, and transportation industries. To learn more about Outridge Translation visit their website at

Outridge Enterprises Inc.– Outirdge Enterprises Inc offers a wide range of services from illustration and design to business consulting, and translation services. To learn more about the company visit

Featured Music Guests

Podcast music guests

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Check out Bruce’s podcast for artist, authors, musicians, and entrepreneurs
called “Cashing in on Creativity Podcast.”