How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps Book

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This book is only available in digital eBook format only beginning 2017.
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You’ve heard that artists can’t succeed at business. That’s a lie as I know many artists that are successful at what they do. You’re an artist and want to succeed as a business owner, so what do you do? You have two choices, you can believe what everyone else tells you or you can take this book and prove them wrong. I have helped many people start and market their businesses and I can help you. I understand what is needed to create anHow to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps artistic business as I run my own illustration and design business. I realize many people have the talent to start a business but not the know how and this is where “How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps” comes in. The book is laid out to help each artist build a business plan by answering questions outlined in the book. “How to Start an Artistic Business in 12 Easy Steps” is a combination of workbook, magazine, business book, and business plan. I have created a strategic plan that if followed will give you the information required to start your art business successfully. It will run you through how to manage different projects, market your business, and set up for the proper structure. I even offer information on how to choose an accountant and more. Get started in your own business today with a successful plan. This book is designed to help you work at a pace that is comfortable for you. The twelve steps are laid out so that you can do a step a month or a step a week, it is up to you. You can skip to areas you need to work on now and leave others for a later date. Each section gives you tips based on a part-time or full time business so you can work at a pace comfortable for you.

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Check out what other people have to say about the book:

“I’m three-quarters of the way through your book and I’ve begun crunching the numbers and preparing to set the goals.I really appreciate your book, as I’ve read more expansive books on business marketing but I find your book very thought provoking and more relevant.”

David Foster / Animator

“I have just started to read step one – your writing style is great – direct, informative, encouraging and of course funny!  I really like it that you break it down to the steps and how it’s best to go in that order.  The whole thing can be really overwhelming so when you break it down to those steps it makes it feel more manageable and gives you a solid direction and area to focus on.  I also like the worksheets on each step.”

Mary Pumpelly Knowland / Artist

“Hey Bruce! I read your book! thank you so much for the insights! Hell, thanks for writing it.”

Paul Tomas / Artist

“I received your book yesterday and it was the highlight of my day. The pipes had frozen here, and the plumbers were so active they forgot their extension and light, so I phoned them back. Finally, I’m relaxing, reading in the bathtub, on page ten  and the doorbell rings. It’s the plumbers asking for their extension. I was wondering if I’d ever get to your book! But I did and I really like it, and happy you sent me the hard copy. I can write things in it, and I’m really going to go through the steps as I’m setting up my site to do caricatures from photos. Just the topics Project Jackets and Process Equals Speed were worth it, and I’m not even half way through.”

Ferg Gadzala /Caricature Artist

 Download your FREE Ebook by clicking here

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