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Bruce Outridge has had an interesting career as a former truck driver and now artist, author, podcast producer, television host, and creative entrepreneur allowing him to inspire those not sure where they want to go in their lives. His story is valuable to young people moving throughout their careers and businesses wondering how to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a professional speaker for your next event on business, communication, media, or content creation then Bruce should be on your speaker list.

The No Advantage Keynote
Using Non-Believers to Fuel Your Success!

Inspiration, Business, Careers, Entrepreneurs

In this keynote presentation Bruce talks about how he became a creative entrepreneur after a life of driving trucks and how his experiences have helped him create the successful business he has today. His message “just get started” follows through the presentation as he helps the audience learn that the experience they gain today may help them with success in the future. To learn more about this presentation by clicking here.

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Inspiring Youth

“Inspiring the Future”

Inspiration, Communication, Young People, Business, Careers

In this keynote presentation Bruce talks about how and why he created the Inspiring Youth Television Show and what he has learned about communicating with the youth of today. Learn what young people feel are important and how they like to communicate in the World today. Learn more about this keynote here.

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Communicating Your Brand Workshop

Communicate Your Brand with Integrity

Communication, Media. Interview Techniques, Marketing

This workshop helps participants learn how to communicate with their audience while creating a content plan that will show their authentic brand. Learn how to improve your skills in front of the camera or microphone so that you can communicate clearly to your audience. Learn more about this workshop here.

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3 Steps to Creating Memorable
and Effective Content Workshop
Creating Content for the Next Generation

Content Creation, Social Media Marketing, Communication Ideas

Are you trying to make communicating more interesting within your team or event of the next generation? Are you looking to connect with your market or audience? Do you want to create creative content that can be shared in various ways and created for various audiences? Learn more about this presentation by clicking here.

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Graphic Recording & Facilitation

Have you heard of Graphic Recording? Graphic Recording is the act of summarizing a presentation or meeting in a visual format. There are many formats that can be completed from a sketchbook to digital production. The names change depending on who you talk to and range from visual note taking to graphic recording, scribing, graphic facilitation, and more.

The power of graphic recording is that it summarizes a presentation in a visual format with just the highlights allowing for all the key points of a presentation to be seen at once. This is a benefit over a Powerpoint presentation as you can see all key points together with colours, pictures, and text helping people focus on what’s important. This summary can be sent to attendees after the presentation and the presenter gets to see how their presentation unfolded.

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