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Autism Job Club Conference Special on Inspiring Youth TV


In late October of 2017 we attended the Autism Job Club Conference to find out what goes on at a conference like this and how it benefits the community. We interviewed several people at the event including organizer Maralyn Ellis, comedian Michael McCreary, MP… Continue Reading “Autism Job Club Conference Special on Inspiring Youth TV”

Inspiring Youth Episode 13-Inspired!

Inspiring Youth Episode 13

This is our final show of season 1. I hope you have been inspired as much as I have with the young people that have been featured on the show and the community partners that help them along. I myself have been personally impressed… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Episode 13-Inspired!”

The Road to Politics-Episode 12

Road to Politics-Inspiring Youth TV

I found episode 12 to be one of the most challenging episodes that I had to do. The reason for this is that I am not very political and interviewing the Mayor of Burlington and MP of Burlington were certainly a stretch. I thank… Continue Reading “The Road to Politics-Episode 12”

Saving the Environment with Burlington Green

Burlington Green-Inspirng Youth TV

On episode 11 of Inspiring Youth TV I had the pleasure of interviewing the team at Burlington Green Environmental Association in Burlington Ontario on how they clean up the environment and where their passion came from to make our world a better place. On… Continue Reading “Saving the Environment with Burlington Green”

Making Music with the Classics

Making music with the Classics

In this episode of Inspiring Youth TV Bruce chats with Lyndsey Tran who is a young musician with the Oakville Symphony in Oakville Ontario on how she got started in music and what it took to be part of the symphony. In part two… Continue Reading “Making Music with the Classics”

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