Making Music with the Classics

Making music with the Classics

In this episode of Inspiring Youth TV Bruce chats with Lyndsey Tran who is a young musician with the Oakville Symphony in Oakville Ontario on how she got started in music and what it took to be part of the symphony.

In part two of the episode Bruce sits down with Karen Page of the Oakville Symphony and Suzanne Brown who has been an entertainer and singer her whole life. they chat about what it takes to have a successful career and how youth can get involved in music by using the classics to teach them the basics.

Check out the show schedule here

Part 1 with Lyndsey Tran

Part 2 with Karen Page and Suzanne Brown

About the Show

Host Bruce Outridge will be showcasing youth that are doing ambitious things in our community. He will be interviewing ambitious youth, agencies, entrepreneurs, and other people working with the youth of today. Learn more about the show and the host at or


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