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Starting at the Bottom Builds Opportunities

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Remember those days of starting in the mailroom? You would ask someone how they became President of their company and depending in their age they will say, “ I started in the mailroom and worked my way up through hard work and opportunities.” Today… Continue Reading “Starting at the Bottom Builds Opportunities”

Inspiring Youth Closes Season 6 with Wrap up on Trucking: IY-S6-S13

Season six of the Inspiring Youth Show comes to a close with episode thirteen. All of season six was focused in the transportation industry and the people in it. Season seven of the show has been approved and will start filming in late Spring.… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Closes Season 6 with Wrap up on Trucking: IY-S6-S13”

Human Trafficking is Focus of Inspiring Youth Show: S6-S10

As we continue to focus on the transportation industry we would be amiss to not talk about human trafficking as it is such a big problem in the World today. We are doing our part to bring awareness to this horrific crime. About the… Continue Reading “Human Trafficking is Focus of Inspiring Youth Show: S6-S10”

Young People in Transportation Warranty: Inspiring Youth-S6-S9

In show 9 of Inspiring Youth in season 6 we talked with the team at Canadian Truck Warranty and how young people are adapting to an ever changing trucking industry. About the Show The show is hosted by media entrepreneur Bruce Outridge as he… Continue Reading “Young People in Transportation Warranty: Inspiring Youth-S6-S9”

Transportation Technology; Inspiring Youth-Season 6-Show 8

In the eighth episode of season 6 Bruce showcases two young truck drivers that developed technology for the industry to make the industry better for others. Find out how routing software and efficiency software are improving businesses in the trucking industry. Our safety tip… Continue Reading “Transportation Technology; Inspiring Youth-Season 6-Show 8”

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