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Transportation Technology; Inspiring Youth-Season 6-Show 8

In the eighth episode of season 6 Bruce showcases two young truck drivers that developed technology for the industry to make the industry better for others. Find out how routing software and efficiency software are improving businesses in the trucking industry. Our safety tip… Continue Reading “Transportation Technology; Inspiring Youth-Season 6-Show 8”

Truckers Giving Back: Inspiring Youth-S6-S7

In the seventh episode of season 6 Bruce showcases the many truckers and organizations that are giving back through community involvement . Find out how the trucking community helps so many by turning the wheels down the road, it will amaze you. Our safety… Continue Reading “Truckers Giving Back: Inspiring Youth-S6-S7”

Are You Really Helping When You Recommend a Business?

Season 3 launch Party Inspiring Youth

People have good intentions many times when they try to recommend you to others. They may have seen a place to use your services or found someone that can really benefit from your products. We all can appreciate the benefits of having people recommend… Continue Reading “Are You Really Helping When You Recommend a Business?”

Season 6-Show 5-Trucking For Our Freedom

In the fifth episode of season 6 Bruce talks to truck drivers who arehelping veterans through the trucking industry. The month of November isa month to reflect on how we got our freedom. Unfortunately those samepeople that fought for our freedom have trouble when… Continue Reading “Season 6-Show 5-Trucking For Our Freedom”

Season 6-Show 4- Trucking Positions Supporting Drivers

The next episode of Inspiring Youth TV airs tonight at 7PM and this time we look at Payroll and Recruiting positions in the industry. Our safety tip is driving in foggy conditions. Enjoy the showThursday nights at 7:00PM Eastern. About the Show The show… Continue Reading “Season 6-Show 4- Trucking Positions Supporting Drivers”

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