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The Trick to Self Improvement is to Inspire Yourself

Mauve Sharkey Interview

Improving yourself is a non-stop battle in life. If you don’t do it you don’t grow and miss potential successes that you may have in store for you. If you try to grow or are inspired by outside sources that are not true to… Continue Reading “The Trick to Self Improvement is to Inspire Yourself”

Bruce Talks Creativity on Stark Reflections Podcast

Mark Leslie interviews Bruce

I recently had the pleasure of being featured on Mark Leslie’s Stark Reflections Podcast to talk about creativity, time management, and a host of other issues revolving around publishing content and writing books. mark and I met at a Canadian Associations of Professional Speakers… Continue Reading “Bruce Talks Creativity on Stark Reflections Podcast”

Making Music with the Classics

Making music with the Classics

In this episode of Inspiring Youth TV Bruce chats with Lyndsey Tran who is a young musician with the Oakville Symphony in Oakville Ontario on how she got started in music and what it took to be part of the symphony. In part two… Continue Reading “Making Music with the Classics”

Expand Your Time Presentation-St Catharines-Nov.10th, 2017

Expand Your Time Presentation

This presentation will offer time management tips for busy entrepreneurs on how to work on their business while still serving their clients. It is easy for all entrepreneurs to get bogged down into the details of their business therefore slowing growth of the business… Continue Reading “Expand Your Time Presentation-St Catharines-Nov.10th, 2017”

Inspiring Youth TV Episode 3-Building a Youth Based Business-Part 2

Navjot, Eric, and Bruce

In part two Bruce talks with Navjot Chhinzer of the Halton Summer Company  Program and how they help youth entrepreneurs get started in a business teaching them the fundamentals on marketing and more. Also in this episode is young entrepreneur Eric Farfan who started… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth TV Episode 3-Building a Youth Based Business-Part 2”

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