Bruce Talks Creativity on Stark Reflections Podcast

Mark Leslie interviews Bruce

I recently had the pleasure of being featured on Mark Leslie’s Stark Reflections Podcast to talk about creativity, time management, and a host of Mark Leslie interviews Bruceother issues revolving around publishing content and writing books. mark and I met at a Canadian Associations of Professional Speakers meeting and decided to interview each other for our podcasts. Mark’s episode will come out on may 31, 2018 on the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast.  have a listen to the Mark’s show by clicking the link below and if interested in writing and publishing books then subscribe to his podcast. Enjoy!

Thanks to Mark for having me on his show.

Here is a sneak preview of Mark and I on location

About Stark Reflections

Perspectives and reflections on the writing and publishing life. Mark Leslie Lefebvre, a writer, bookseller, digital publishing advocate and professional speaker and publishing consultant, explores inclusive and collaborate opportunities for writers and book publishing professionals via interviews, discussions and reflections about the industry. (Mark’s personal website is

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