How to Build Brand Credibility With Media

Bruce Outridge

How to Build Brand Credibility With Media

I am sitting on the workout bench at the gym one day and the person beside me says excuse me, but do you have a television show? I answered why yes I do on helping youth in the community called Inspiring Youth. She said I thought that was you, that’s a great show.


Another time I was drawing a person at an event with my caricature business. I am intently looking at this person’s face trying to get the features the way I want them and every time I look up he is looking at me just as intently. After I finish my sentence on our discussion he says I know you, but don’t remember meeting you, have we met before? I began to name things like events I had been working at, places I like to go but nothing rang a bell. Then he said television! I said well I do have a show on YourTV called Inspiring Youth. He said that’s it!

I have had people phone after seeing the show who didn’t even know about the channel. Now I don’t tell you this to brag, but to show you the importance of media in building your credibility. Sure it will help you get recognized on the street which is always nice, but it gives you instant credibility on the topic of discussion.

Media will bring in more work for your business. In 2010 I was on a show called Dinner Party Wars as an entertainer. I was able to grab some footage for my website and have been hired a few times because the client liked the show and hired me. That show is still being aired to this day on the network and I have done nothing more with it than place a clip on my website. There is great power on being in television.

Over the years I have been in various media from print to television and accept every opportunity when it presents itself. Like anything momentum builds on your exposure and once you start appearing on interviews you will see opportunities come up for other media. I have never had to submit to have an interview done, they have all come to me via word of mouth. If you want to take a proactive approach to finding media you can come up with some interesting approaches to tell your story.

Why is being interviewed in the media the best way to build credibility?

Many entrepreneurs miss great opportunities because of their fear of the camera and that’s a big mistake. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth 10,000. One ten minute video can do more for your brand than 10 blog posts written about your topic of expertise. The combination of seeing you, hearing you, and being part of the conversation outweighs someone just reading an article. The real punch is the interview!

If you produce your own video media with your expertise it takes it above an article because people can hear and see you. Being interviewed by someone adds even more credibility because the interviewer now becomes the voice of the audience, because they want the interviewer to ask the question that the audience is thinking. If you can answer the audience’s question then you become the expert. Your credibility goes up ten times.

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7 Tips to Better Interviews

7 Tips to Better Interviews

The real power of media is how you use it once it is complete, but that’s for another article. If you want to improve your brand this year then start looking for opportunities to be interviewed in the media. Don’t try to get a television show out of the gate you can build up to that, but try to get in whatever media you can. Maybe you can get in a local newsletter offering some advice on a topic or can you get on a podcast, radio show, video show? All of these media channels are looking for guests as long as your expertise fits with the show. Heck you don’t even need a show, just get someone to interview you! Interviews are powerful if you are willing to put yourself out there.

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Bruce Outridge has done hundreds of interviews over the years and has been on both sides of the camera. He hosts and produces two podcasts and co-produces / hosts a television show called Inspiring Youth. He speaks on the topic of media and interviews and helps creative entrepreneurs market their expertise or talent. To book Bruce to speak to your group or to learn more about Bruce and his work visit

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