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Bruce tapes promo reel for Inspiring Youth

Bruce Outridge / Inspiring Youth TV

I figure by the end of the season I will have a huge blooper reel after a day like this. Producer James Spalding and I were in the studio taping intros and outros for the show episodes when I was asked to create a…

What’s your take on customer service?

People view customer service in many different ways. Some say the customer is always right and others say customers don’t understand how the business process works. Different cultures and beliefs will often change the way you look at customer service and their are often…

Get creative with your marketing!

Bruce at Rock This Way

Get creative with your marketing! Many business owners struggle with marketing, but in fact it can be the best part of doing business. If you watch companies that are good with marketing you will see one thing, FUN! Have you ever gone to a…

How to Build Brand Credibility With Media

Bruce Outridge

How to Build Brand Credibility With Media I am sitting on the workout bench at the gym one day and the person beside me says excuse me, but do you have a television show? I answered why yes I do on helping youth in…

How to Improve Your Brand in the Media Webinar-June 5th, 2018


This presentation introduces principles for employees or entrepreneurs on how to work with the media. Today’s world offers more opportunity than ever before to talk to media channels small and large. Your brand depends on the type of information released to media channels and…

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