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Bruce Outridge Presents on Social Media Panel for TTSAO Event

Bruce Outridge

The Truck Training School Association of Ontario (TTSAO) was to have their in-person conference on February 23rd 2022. Due to Covid restrictions the conference team decided postpone the event to a later date yet to be determined. As a bonus to attendees they are… Continue Reading “Bruce Outridge Presents on Social Media Panel for TTSAO Event”

Bruce Outridge on Marketing Panel at Reite Club Event

Reite Club marketing Event

I had the pleasure of being on the panel for a recent event for the Reite Club talk content marketing. The Reite Club is a group helping people guide through the challenges of real estate investing in various areas.Their events are usually done live… Continue Reading “Bruce Outridge on Marketing Panel at Reite Club Event”

Tips to Improving Your Live Video Meetings

Improve Live Videos

With the Covid-19 crisis everyone has shifted their business online as much as possible. Television to radio to conference calls are all being done through platforms like Zoom and Skype. I think stocks in Zoom must have gone through the roof, I have never… Continue Reading “Tips to Improving Your Live Video Meetings”

Bruce tapes promo reel for Inspiring Youth

Bruce Outridge / Inspiring Youth TV

I figure by the end of the season I will have a huge blooper reel after a day like this. Producer James Spalding and I were in the studio taping intros and outros for the show episodes when I was asked to create a… Continue Reading “Bruce tapes promo reel for Inspiring Youth”

What’s your take on customer service?

People view customer service in many different ways. Some say the customer is always right and others say customers don’t understand how the business process works. Different cultures and beliefs will often change the way you look at customer service and their are often… Continue Reading “What’s your take on customer service?”

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