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Life’s Caribbean Lesson

Caribbean Life

I have traveled many places in the world from trucking 2500 miles a week across North America to traveling to Europe and the Caribbean. My Mother worked for the airline for her career and so many vacations as a kid were spent traveling to… Continue Reading “Life’s Caribbean Lesson”

Expand Your Time Presentation-St Catharines-Nov.10th, 2017

Expand Your Time Presentation

This presentation will offer time management tips for busy entrepreneurs on how to work on their business while still serving their clients. It is easy for all entrepreneurs to get bogged down into the details of their business therefore slowing growth of the business… Continue Reading “Expand Your Time Presentation-St Catharines-Nov.10th, 2017”

Using journalism basics to tell your story

Social Media Cartoon by Bruce Outridge

I am constantly asked by people what they should put on their social media accounts. Oh they know they have to be on social media, they just don’t know what to put on it. They ask the advice of others and are told use… Continue Reading “Using journalism basics to tell your story”

Work With the Seasons to Sell More Art


Retailers do this and you should too. Learn how to use the natural flow of the year such as the seasons or the holidays to create a buzz for your art form and improving sales at shows and to clients. Thinking ahead and planning… Continue Reading “Work With the Seasons to Sell More Art”

Get back to being inspired by your art!

Get Inspired with your art

Bruce talks about getting back to your passion for your art to help you be more creative and improve your art. The secret to success is learning to relax so you can come up with more ideas improving your business. The Tune of the… Continue Reading “Get back to being inspired by your art!”

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