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Inspiring Youth Gives Out Season 5 Awards

We’ve come to the end of another season of Inspiring Youth and thatmeans we will be awarding someone an award for being the the mostInspiring Youth for season 5. Find out who won the award and why. It maysurprise you who won. Photos from… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Gives Out Season 5 Awards”

Using Audio Clips for Social Media

Bruce with microphone

What are audio clips? Audio clips are little sound bites with a static image and overlay wave files on top that match the voice. If you have watched any detective show in the last 10 years you’ve probably seen a voice audio clip. An… Continue Reading “Using Audio Clips for Social Media”

Outridge Consulting Launches New Service for the Trucking Industry


BURLINGTON ON-March 1st, 2022 – Official Press Release – Fleet Media Services Outridge Consulting Services a division of Outridge Enterprises Inc is happy to announce their new service for the transportation industry called Fleet Media Services. Fleet Media Services is a content creation service… Continue Reading “Outridge Consulting Launches New Service for the Trucking Industry”

Bruce Outridge Presents on Social Media Panel for TTSAO Event

Bruce Outridge

The Truck Training School Association of Ontario (TTSAO) was to have their in-person conference on February 23rd 2022. Due to Covid restrictions the conference team decided postpone the event to a later date yet to be determined. As a bonus to attendees they are… Continue Reading “Bruce Outridge Presents on Social Media Panel for TTSAO Event”

Caricaturing the Cooks – Inspiring Youth-S5-S7

This episode of Inspiring Youth has us back at Liaison College talking with instructor chef Chaz and other team members of the college about what students learn as they complete their training. This time however Bruce conducts the interviews a little differently than he… Continue Reading “Caricaturing the Cooks – Inspiring Youth-S5-S7”

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