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Mentoring Young Artists through the Fine Arts Society of Milton: Inspiring Youth

Bruce talks with students and artists of the Fine Arts Society of Milton about their Youth Mentoring Program and an inspiring installation project showcasing women from history that have made amazing contributions in society. You can learn more about the Fine Arts Society of…

Life’s Caribbean Lesson

Caribbean Life

I have traveled many places in the world from trucking 2500 miles a week across North America to traveling to Europe and the Caribbean. My Mother worked for the airline for her career and so many vacations as a kid were spent traveling to…

Using the “No” Advantage to Spark Your Career

No advantage cover

Every career opportunity I wanted to pursue I was told “NO” by someone else. Over the years I have used that response as a way to propel my business and now listen to my inside voice first. Here is a piece of a talk…

Becoming a Creative Entrepreneur Starts with Ambition

Bruce Outridge

I have spoken to hundreds of people through my television show and podcasts and one fact always seems to come to light when interviewing new entrepreneurs. The fact is talent is not enough to create success in business. The successful creative entrepreneurs have figured…

Is your business or career developing like a beautiful painting?

Did you have your career all planned out? You have to choose what you want to do and many expect you to choose before you even know what a job is. We start in school asking young people what they want to do and…

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