Category: Customer Service

Creating a Value Driven Business as a Creative Entrepreneur

How can you create a business that has focus, value to you, and operates with integrity? A value based business is the key to operating under your own rules and will help you decide on the type of projects you decide to take on…

What’s your take on customer service?

People view customer service in many different ways. Some say the customer is always right and others say customers don’t understand how the business process works. Different cultures and beliefs will often change the way you look at customer service and their are often…

Your Customers are on Social Media Too!


Social media connects us, it keeps us up to date, and makes us feel involved with family and friends. It helps us market our businesses and creates a platform for free speech. Social media is everywhere. We can all agree that social media is…

And They Say the Government is Helping, Yeah Right!

Business has many great benefits, but it can also make you want to punch out a wall. Much of that has to do with the Government bodies that answer phones with their cushioned pay cheques and have the power to make people want to…

The Cost of a Smile

Who is the face of your company? Do they understand the importance of a smile to how they greet people. It is amazing how smiling can make your whole demeanour so much different. What it does for the face of your business is even…

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