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Organization – It all starts with you!

“You don’t need that stuff! It’s just holding us up!” yelled the dock worker. The driver kept to his work as if not to hear the man yelling in the background. To him it was important, it meant pride in his load, excellent customer… Continue Reading “Organization – It all starts with you!”

Can They Count On You?

When I write about business and entrepreneurship for my blogs and columns I often talk about creating a brand for yourself as your name is one of the most important parts of your identity. If you can’t be trusted it doesn’t matter how good… Continue Reading “Can They Count On You?”

Do I need customer service as an owner operator?

Most drivers and owner operators forget the importance of customer service because they don’t feel that they have to deal with the clients directly. They are very wrong and in a big way. If you are an owner operator have you thought about who… Continue Reading “Do I need customer service as an owner operator?”

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