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Improve the communication with your audience. We are now in a digital age with video and audio devices in everyone’s hands and being the leading forms of communication. Learn how to improve the social media communication to your audience. One thing I have learned through producing podcasts and television shows is that learning to communicate properly can propel your business to elevated heights.

Consulting Focus: Social Media Communication, Marketing Consulting

Marketing Your Business

Maybe you are in business and looking for ways to market to your audience but aren’t sure where to start. Do you start a Facebook Page or create a YouTube channel? Creating marketing plans and knowing where to spend your money and time can make the difference on how well you grow our business.

Not all social channels are equal and where you need to be is determined a lot by the business you operate, the product and services you sell, and the type of people you serve.

Our social media services can help you with those challenges. We can help you make the most of the platforms you are using now by showing how you may use them differently. We can help you set up channels that can make a difference and get your business off the ground with a full social media program.

Social Media Setup – $150 per channel per platform

Marketing / Scheduling Setup – Starting at $500.00 depending on requirements of the business.

Purchase with the Fleet Media Program and save 10%

Pricing subject to change without notice

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Find out how we can help you make the content you need to improve your social media profiles.

I’m always looking for more information on how to improve my marketing and business. I will definitely implement more than a few of your tips.”
Zorica Krasufja / Society of Canadian Artists

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