Running By The Mile

The Book for Owner Operators-Business Book

“Inspiring you to build a great trucking business!”

Owner Operators are the life blood of the transportation industry. Large and small companies are looking for skilled Owner Operators for their fleets and the opportunities are endless. Having the opportunity and being successful are too entirely different things however, as there are many stories of Owner Operators or small business owners being burned at the stakes from not understanding the world of business. I make it easy in this book called Running by the Mile, he breaks down the information into ten easy to follow steps that can be followed in order helping you make decisions important to the foundation of your business.

As a leader in the industry, business and leadership consultant I not only have the Running by The Mile by Bruce Outridgeexperience of business, but have been in the seat myself. My entrepreneurial spirit has lead me into many businesses and the Corporation that I lead to this day. Don’t follow the pack of being a disgruntled Owner Operator or getting the wrong information, listen to those who have the business sense and understand the importance of having knowledge of the trucking industry. My thirty years of knowledge and experience and leadership mindset are what is required to have success in today’s changing pace in the transportation industry. If you are looking at starting your own trucking operation or have been working at it for a while then this is the book for you. Get started on the road to success and get your business working for you.


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Check out what other people have to say about the book:

“I have had the opportunity to review the business manual for Owner operators published by Bruce Outridge. As a life-long trucking professional and industry executive,   would confidently comment that the content in this manual is accurate, relevant and valuable for both those just entering the Owner Operator community and those who have been Owner Operators for years. Educational manuals like this make our people better at what they do. This manual is truly a positive asset to the trucking industry.”

Kim Richardson
President, Transrep Inc


“I have read and perused your book ‘Running by the mile’. Your focus on lifestyle and family as it relates to all business decisions was what I found to be so valuable. As a financial advisor, for many years now, the most important part of building wealth seems to be keeping your family together. And lifestyle choices are such an important part of accomplishing this, allowing individuals to maintain their enthusiasm about their working lives! Your experience in the trucking industry and your objective analysis of various choices one can make during their career are tremendously helpful. You should be proud to have your name on it. Keep up the good work Bruce!”




“Running by the Mile” is a periodical that provides valuable insight and gainful

tips for anyone in the transportation sector that is envisioning the entrepreneurial spirit or has already seized the opportunities to run their own company..  It is blatant that Bruce has captured the essence of the costs to operate a small business and thrusts open the door to knowledge and finances needed to operate profitably.  The read is easy, entertaining and educational.”

Linda L. Colgan (Mrs.), RIB, CAIB │Commercial / Transportation Insurance Advisor


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Just read your book “Running By The Mile” while a friend was experiencing the exact same problems you describe. Your book helped me to see what was happening to him. Just as you said, he didn’t know his real costs and is feeling the pain of having a second truck. Trucking is a much more complicated venture than people realize. Thanks for your wisdom and good read!


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