What’s your take on customer service?

People view customer service in many different ways. Some say the customer is always right and others say customers don’t understand how the business process works. Different cultures and beliefs will often change the way you look at customer service and their are often many views on the subject. Much of it will have to do with what your product or service is that you offer to clients. So the question becomes what are you doing to offer great customer service?

On the podcast in August we focus on customer service with two experts. The first expert is Tomer Regev who has a strong belief in the customer is always right and is willing to do anything to make sure the customer is happy. He has been designing customer experiences for many years and now teaches that to others. His episode will come out on August 9th on the podcast so have a listen.


Our next expert is Laurie Flasko who is also a customer service expert but believes the way to a customer’s heart is to fill customers with kindness. She has been teaching this for years and we talk about it on the podcast. Laurie’s episode will come out on August 16th so watch for that.


As a service based business like ours I have found spending time to educate the customer up front has been the solution for us. We spend time explaining the process and include checks along the way to ensure the project is going according to expectations. We will offer compensation on a project if we can’t come to an agreement with the customer but have found if we do the education up front that is not usually required. We are very careful on the projects we take on, remember not every customer is a good fit for your business.

Much of customer service depends on your project or service, whether online or in person. The best way to evaluate your customer service in my opinion is to evaluate the problems you have had in your business. Look at where the problems were, find a way to correct the problems in your procedures, and train your staff to have a certain standard. One thing I have found in dealing with customers is even when a project goes wrong try to make it right. You can still save your good name if you have done everything you can from the heart. Customer service isn’t easy but with the right attitude you can come out ahead.

Enjoy these other episodes of the podcast coming out in August and if you would like to see video previews of these episodes and others visit our YouTube channel.


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Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, podcast, television host, and speaker. He helps inspire and educate creative entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams by showing them those that have gone before them in similar ways. Bruce is the author of four books on business and leadership, hosts and produces two podcasts, co-produces the Inspiring Youth Television Show, and speaks to audiences throughout Ontario. You can learn more about Bruce and his work at www.cashinginoncreativitypodcast.com or www.bruceoutridge.com

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