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Beginning a Career in Fitness-Part 1: Inspiring Youth


In this episode of Inspiring Youth we visit the Fitness Firm in Burlington Ontario to learn about how young people begin a career in the world of health and fitness. This episode is a first of two parts and we talk to four young… Continue Reading “Beginning a Career in Fitness-Part 1: Inspiring Youth”

Caricaturing the Cooks – Inspiring Youth-S5-S7

This episode of Inspiring Youth has us back at Liaison College talking with instructor chef Chaz and other team members of the college about what students learn as they complete their training. This time however Bruce conducts the interviews a little differently than he… Continue Reading “Caricaturing the Cooks – Inspiring Youth-S5-S7”

Fundraiser Warriors Act on Kindness on Inspiring Youth

IY-S5-S5-The Fundraiser Warriors

What happens when kids get together and inspire each other, they then inspire us. The Fundraiser Warriors are small group of family and friends that have banded together to help charities and other kids. They have decided to create special calendars and have decided… Continue Reading “Fundraiser Warriors Act on Kindness on Inspiring Youth”

Bandology on Inspiring Youth Season 5


In the first half of the show Bruce talks to Avery, a young person that has created a podcast with his father Josh talking to people in the trucking industry. During the interview Bruce turns the interview around and features Avery for Inspiring Youth.… Continue Reading “Bandology on Inspiring Youth Season 5”

Leaders Inspire From the Inside

Bruce at television station

What is Leadership? lead·er·ship/ˈlēdərˌSHip/ Learn to pronounce nounnoun: leadershipthe action of leading a group of people or an organization.”different styles of leadership”h Similar:guidance, direction, authority, control, management, superintendence, supervision, organization, government, orchestration, initiative, influencethe state or position of being a leader.”the leadership of the… Continue Reading “Leaders Inspire From the Inside”

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