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KRTS tour date moved to the end of September.

The book tour date for KRTS has been moved from the 17th to the 30th. This gives you time to either sign up for a course at KRTS or visit us for the presentation. Just call Matt to attend at http://www.krway.com. Don’t miss out… Continue Reading “KRTS tour date moved to the end of September.”

Take control of your business

I spoke with a group the other day on entrepreneurship and found most were excited about starting up their own business, but were a little apprehensive about the process. I think business capital is what scares most people. Remember you don’t have to start… Continue Reading “Take control of your business”

New truck drivers

Are you going into the transportation industry as maybe a second career or in search of a career with freedom. Before entering into any career you need to do some investigation to see if you fit well with the operations and lifestyle of that… Continue Reading “New truck drivers”

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