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Author Touched By Generosity of YouTuber


My heart was touched recently when i came across a video on my book “You’re Not Done Yet” by a fellow cartoonist. The thought that someone would take the time to create a video about my work was really incredible. You never know if… Continue Reading “Author Touched By Generosity of YouTuber”

Writing Your First Book


This pandemic causes you to look back at things in a weird way. It was just over a year ago that the pandemic started and I finished writing my sixth book “You’re Not Done Yet” a book that I had been writing on and… Continue Reading “Writing Your First Book”

Self Inspiration is the Key to Entrepreneur Success


What inspires you? That is a question we should all be asking ourselves especially during a pandemic. I know I have asked myself that many times and have had it change many times over the years. As an artist it is common to see… Continue Reading “Self Inspiration is the Key to Entrepreneur Success”

Creating a Personal Growth Strategy


Normally January of each year is a time for goal setting and planning for the future as entrepreneurs. Then by week three the goals gave gone out the window as life gets back to the day to day jungle of family and business life.… Continue Reading “Creating a Personal Growth Strategy”

Bruce Outridge Featured on Meet the Author Series with david Rogers

Bruce Outridge with You're Not Done Yet

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by fellow entrepreneur David Rogers about my book You’re Not Done Yet for his Meet the Author Series. David fired questions about the book and I just hoped I remembered what i wrote. Check out the fun… Continue Reading “Bruce Outridge Featured on Meet the Author Series with david Rogers”

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