Self Inspiration is the Key to Entrepreneur Success


What inspires you? That is a question we should all be asking ourselves especially during a pandemic. I know I have asked myself that many times and have had it change many times over the years. As an artist it is common to see my colleagues wait for inspiration to come from outside such as work from other artists or waiting for clients to give them a really cool project. At the end of the day the successful artists and entrepreneurs that I know are self starters. They have personal projects going on and work on things that get them going from within to inspire them to move forward?

This month has been about inspiration and is reflected in the guests and podcast episodes we have posted for February. It started with the book we chose for this month a biography about someone you admire. I chose Rod Stewart for a number of reasons but what I am hoping to get out of the book is inspiration to keep going and know that people aren’t born perfectly or reach success overnight.

Check out the book club book

We often get caught in the moment when building our business or careers and looking back on your life and knowing that it takes time to grow can be very inspiring. If you don’t feel as though you are moving forward then just look back at where you’ve been and think about your life as chapters in a book. I like to use the comic book versus graphic novel theory. Every ten years of your life is a comic book or chapter of your life, but your whole life is a graphic novel. Take a look back from where you started to where you are now and you will see the growth and the change hopefully inspiring the future.

Talking with friends like Kelly Gannon who have had long careers in a variety of industries is always inspirational to me and shows that you don’t have to stay in one lane forever. It is okay to be successful in different ways of interest to you. Watch for Kelly’s interview on the podcast this month.

So this month is about inspiration. You may not be as inspired as I am with the people this month but hopefully it gets you thinking about who inspires you. We may be in a pandemic and keeping yourself inspired can be a challenge, but it’s time to accept the challenge!

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Bruce Outridge is a media entrepreneur from Burlington Ontario Canada. He is a professional artist and cartoonist, podcast / radio producer and host, media consultant, and professional speaker. You can learn more about Bruce at and his companies at You can subscribe to the Cashing in on Creativity Podcast at

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