Author Touched By Generosity of YouTuber


My heart was touched recently when i came across a video on my book “You’re Not Done Yet” by a fellow cartoonist. The thought that someone would take the time to create a video about my work was really incredible. You never know if people are reading you work and it is good to know that you are helping people improve their lives. Thank you Mark for the great video.

Video by Cartoon Mark

Learn more and get your copy of the book below

About the Book

You’re Not Done Yet is a guide to helping you create the life you want by showing you people who have gone before you. Have you struggled with finding a purpose to your life? Have you felt low self-esteem due to little education or perceived imperfections in your life? Learn how your values, your creativity, and your talents all play a part in life and how to take those unique traits to create a successful future. Find your purpose, inspire others, and create a successful life. You’re not done yet! You can find out more about the book at and you can purchase it in eBook and paperback forms on Amazon through this link

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