Bruce Talks cartooning for Halton District School Board-November 23, 2018

Artist Bruce Outridge

I am looking forward to present Confidence Through Caricatures for the Halton District School Board for their Professional Development Day for the Art teachers.

Inspiring Youth TV Talks to Youth Entrepreneurs of the Summer Company


In this episode of Inspiring Youth TV we talk to participants of Halton's Summer Company about their involvement with the program and the success of their businesses. You can view the full episode on Your TV and don't forget to check out some of the behind the scenes footage. Halton Summer Company Episode Behind the …

Inspire Your Business with a Convention

If you belong to any kind of association that has their own convention you will no doubt hear everyone talk about the benefits of attending their convention or conference. As a new member you may be thinking they are just trying get people to attend and how much will it really benefit your business? The …

Listen to Your Inside Voice as a Creative Entrepreneur

Bruce at art table

Have you ever had drive to do something and you didn’t know why? You felt you had a need to send out a message or develop a product? Many of us have that same feeling time and time again and don’t understand why we are being pulled in that direction. We haven’t trained to work …

A Look at the Mayor’s Millennial Committee on Inspiring Youth TV


Season 2 of Inspiring Youth TV kicks off this week with the first episode featuring the Mayor's Millennial Committee. This committee is formed with young people interested in giving back to their communities and helping design the community for the future. I am always amazed when young people get involved in important areas of life. …