Inspiring Youth TV Show Schedule

When is Inspiring Youth TV being shown?

Inspiring Youth is a show co-produced between creative entrepreneur Bruce Outridge and YourTV. Your TV is a brand of Cogeco Television and the station supplies the camera, production, and studio space for the show. The show began in 2017 and is currently in season two.

Watch the Show on YourTV-Halton Ontario

The show is shown on YourTV in the Halton Ontario Area and all guests are from the area or have ties to the area. If you missed past episodes you can also view them Cogeco’s On Demand Channel. Visit the YourTV website for current viewing times.

Watch the Show Outside of Halton Ontario

If you are outside of Halton Ontario you can still catch parts of the show. Although you won’t be able to see full episodes outside if the Halton area on Your TV you can catch snippets of the show, behind the scenes footage, and learn more about guests on the show. The Youtube channel for the show is updated regularly during the season. Visit the Inspiring Youth YouTube Channel

Click Here to View and Subscribe to the Inspiring YouthTV YouTube channel.


Inspiring Youth TV Schedule

YourTV  Halton Community Channels

New HI-Def Channel – 700 – Regular Cable Channel-23

Suggested Schedule

Premiere Episode (every 2 weeks):
o 7:00pm Tuesdays

· Repeats:
o 10:00pm Tuesdays
o 12:00am & 7:30pm Wednesdays
o 12:30am & 5:00pm Thursdays
o 5:30pm Saturdays
o 3:30pm Sundays
o 3:00PM Mondays
o 3:30pm Tuesdays

Please note that times and dates may change without notice.

Click here to check out the Inspiring Youth TV YouTube Channel


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