Inspiring Youth TV Show Schedule

When is Inspiring Youth TV being shown?

The show schedule is for Cogeco’s Community Channel only.  This is the schedule as it was sent to me from Cogeco upon release of the show. What I don’t know is the order of the episodes. Episodes were filmed at different times and pieced together later so the order may change.

For those outside of the Halton area you will be bale to see parts of the show on the Inspiring Youth TV YouTube Channel. interviews, behind the scenes outtakes, and other material will be released once the episode airs on Cogeco’s network.

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Inspiring Youth TV Schedule

The show will air as follows beginning September 19, 2017

Cogeco Halton Community Channels

New HI-Def Channel – 700

Regular Cable Channel-23

· Premiere Episode (every 2 weeks):
o 7:00pm Tuesdays

· Repeats:
o 10:00pm Tuesdays
o 12:00am & 7:30pm Wednesdays
o 12:30am & 5:00pm Thursdays
o 5:30pm Saturdays
o 3:30pm Sundays
o 3:00PM Mondays
o 3:30pm Tuesdays

Please note that times and dates may change without notice.

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