The Road to Politics-Episode 12

Road to Politics-Inspiring Youth TV

I found episode 12 to be one of the most challenging episodes that I had to do. The reason for this is that I am not very political and interviewing the Mayor of Burlington and MP of Burlington were certainly a stretch. I thank all of the guests of this episode for helping me get through this one. So who was on the show?

Part 1-Road to Politics-David Vandenberg

In part one I interviewed David Vandenberg who was on the very first episode of the show and is much of the inspiration for the show. David is at the beginning of the political journey and works with both of these politicians.

Part 2-Mayor Rick Goldring / Hon. MP Karina Gould

In part two I interview Mayor Rick Goldring and Honourable Member of Parliament Karina Gould about their careers in politics and what makes a good politician.

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Road to Politics-Inspiring Youth TV
Politics and young people

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