Get creative with your marketing!

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Get creative with your marketing!

Many business owners struggle with marketing, but in fact it can be the best part of doing business. If you watch companies that are good with marketing you will see one thing, FUN! Have you ever gone to a trade show and saw the person manning the booth reading emails on their cell phones or laptop? They’re typing away with work and don’t look up until someone engages with them. What they don’t realize is how many people have walked by not approaching them at all because they looked disinterested. There’s no fun!

Whether marketing online, networking at an event, or running a booth at a trade show start with the process enjoying yourself and you will have an increase in traffic. The secret to having fun with your marketing is creativity. Below are three creative ways to have fun with your marketing.

Tip 1- Show Behind the Scenes Footage

Don’t be afraid to show behind the scenes footage and humanize your product or service.

When I go out and draw on location I enjoy doing it so much that I started creating short videos while on my treks and then put them together in what I call Sketch Walks. It shows people some behind the scenes footage and is a fun way of showing my art process.

James Filming-Josh Tiessen

Tip 2-Stop Following the Pack

Get creative with your marketing. Just because everyone else is giving out key chains at the show doesn’t mean you have to. At a trade show you will see the same thing time after time at booths, a business card draw, a give away, etc. Get creative! I have a monthly contest on my podcast where each month people comment on a topic and then can win a cartoon illustration of their favourite vehicle. Think outside the box and come up with something different.

Tip 3-Have Fun!

Have fun! People are drawn to other people having fun. If you look like your are having fun then others will have have fun engaging with you. As a caricature event artist I have seen this time and time again. If I am having fun at an event people gravitate to me as opposed to another artist that is just sitting there not saying a word and this has nothing to do with the art. I have seen this result in cash where people having a good time will result in big tips at an event. People want to have fun!

Bruce and Johnny O

People follow what is going on in their industry much of the time and that may be a problem because we all tend to follow what the next person is doing. I like to look at other industries to see what they do to market products as that makes you think creatively when trying to market your product. If you are an author of a book and want to market it to the World look to see what a musician does to bring an album to their audience. Marketing is about consistency and creativity.

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Bruce Outridge is a marketing and content creation consultant for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. He is an artist, author, and produces two podcasts and a community television show. You can learn more about Bruce and his work at

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