Making Small Opportunities into Big Ones

Time is precious to all of us and entrepreneurs are busy doing everything from being the janitor to the CEO. So spending time with uneventful opportunities may seem like a low priority to many people. Many times however, those small opportunities can turn into big time client and relationship building sessions and the smart entrepreneurs know that any opportunity to show off their business is time well spent. In talking with many business owners in the groups I am a part of they all want more people. They search out the groups with the most people, if they are part of a group that is small they want larger numbers. Many like the speed dating aspect of networking, thinking they are creating relationships with many people. May I say, “Quality over quantity always wins.” It amazes me how many people forget that when they enter into business.

I find speed dating in networking really a waste of time. You may give many people your card, but they still don’t know anything about you in the end. If you want many people to know your name then put an ad in the paper. Networking is about building relationships and usually the smaller the group the tighter the relationship. I have a client that has been holding some promotional events for her business and I have been helping her on the marketing side.  The events have been low key with only a few people coming out and sometimes just her, her insurance agent, and myself sitting in the room waiting for people. However as they are learning more about me each time I keep getting more business, I am getting recommended to her network in a positive way and we have been building a solid relationship. The work out of that one client has exceeded all the work gained out of these large networking events together. Have you ever noticed that even at the large networking events you seem to stay in small groups with certain people you connect with?

So take some of those opportunities even if there are no shows to get to know the people who are there. You may find the larger groups not as effective as you think.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is business and leadership consultant in Ontario Canada. For more information on Bruce and his services please visit his website at

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