An interview is about them not you!

Runaway Guest Cartoon by Bruce Outridge

With media platforms on the internet becoming more popular than ever before there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to be interviewed or showcased in the media. It used to be that the media was known only as the news on television or radio, but the internet has changed all that. Media now includes videos, podcasts, blog posts, television, radio, magazines, and much more. You could be walking down the street one day and have someone interview you on the spot, hey it’s happened to me. Some company could be putting on a special event that you decide to attend and ask to interview you about the event, that has happened to me as well. There are many opportunities and you can shy away or use them to your advantage. The choice is yours. Lets look at what your goal is for the interview.

What is the purpose of the interview?

The first goal of any interview is to relay information to the audience, whether live or over a network. If you have been asked to be interviewed or are conducting the interview there is a reason behind it. Normally you are trying to offer information to others, create excitement for an event, or promote a product or service. The style of the interview will be determined by the person conducting the interview as they will have that set out ahead of time based on their audience. You should know the purpose of the interview ahead of time so you know the framework on how to answer the questions.

How to answer questions on the interview

Being asked to be on an interview can be an exciting time. The request means people Runaway Guest Cartoon by Bruce Outridgevalue what you have to say. Maybe you are an authority on a certain topic, or you have gone through a certain experience, or offer a certain perspective on a subject. Whatever the reason, you have been chosen for the interview so be excited. Here is where most people go wrong, they think the interview is about them. The biggest problem I see when interviewing people is they focus on themselves.

I interviewed a person and as he answered my questions they were all about how he did something and why he was different than others in his field. His answers weren’t bad but the tone that came across was saying look how good I am. That not only can turn an audience off, but can turn off the interviewer to where they are constantly trying to refocus the interview. This can ruin an interview and a show if it can’t be brought under control.

How can you help?

You are already seen as the expert because you have been asked to be on the interview so stop selling yourself. Make your answers about the audience not about you. Stop trying to impress us with your knowledge and help the audience with your knowledge. You will still come across as the expert, but your audience will appreciate that the information is relevant to them.

If you are being asked to be on an interview take it as a blessing and be thankful. It means someone values what you have to say. It is a great way to boost your profile and can propel your business if done right. The first an most important rule is that the focus of the content has to be for the audience. The interview is on you, but not about you! Keep that in mind and you will be welcomed back again and again.

About the Author

Bruce has been interviewing people for years. With two podcasts, moderator for events, and interviewee on other people’s radio and television shows allows Bruce to have a good handle on how to prepare for interviews on both sides of the microphone. Between his podcasts, seminars, and being an author for publications he understands what it takes to communicate with audiences. You can learn about Bruce’s podcasts at and . You can learn more about Bruce at

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