Virtual reality may be the next amazing resource for speakers

Want to know what the next training tool for speakers may be? Virtual reality! For many the next question may be what is virtual reality? Virtual reality is the next step in online gaming for kids where the person playing the game feels as though they are actually inserted in the game and playing live. You can be inserted at the bottom of the sea or in outer space because virtual reality makes you feel as though you are actually there. The person playing the game puts on a head set, head phones, and holds a pair of controllers and are automatically transformed into another world.

Bruce in virtual reality

So how does this help speakers?

I was introduced to virtual reality when I met the folks at Virtual Speech Lab at a networking meeting. They were promoting the program that can evaluate presentations by speakers through their virtual reality system. The company built a program that replicates an auditorium where a speaker could deliver their speech and then would get a print out evaluating how they did on their presentation. In the virtual reality space the speaker is presenting to an actual audience with movement and reactions allowing for the presenter to mimic movements as if in a live setting. They were looking for speakers to demo to the product and I was eager to try it out. Since then I have been totally hooked on virtual reality and have been helping the young owners to define their marketing strategy.

What was my experience?

Totally awesome! As I mentioned above I am totally hooked and see how the program can help speakers improve their presentations. Any professional speaker would love to have a system like this to practice their presentations at home with new material before taking it to the live stage. It allows you how to move around a stage, focus on the audience, and improve the flow of a speech. There are a number of other programs that are cool such as being in space or under water that certainly are amazing and something everyone should try. I am looking forward to the day when it becomes more cost effective for the everyday user to have the ability to possess the system.

How can you get access to the system?

If you are working in the professional speaking industry or teaching presentation skills then this system would certainly be of interest. Unfortunately at the time of writing this article it is not available publicly but I am hoping that will happen soon. The company can be hired to come out to your location and set up the equipment allowing people to work with the program. To learn more about the program visit If you get a chance to check out virtual reality gaming then I certainly suggest you try it, it is an amazing experience. Check out the video below.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is a professional speaker and business / marketing consultant from Burlington Ontario Canada. His presentations focus on business and leadership inspiring people to follow their dreams, connect with their audience, and grow their businesses. His podcast Cashing in on Creativity Podcast helps creative entrepreneurs. You can listen to the show at and learn more about Bruce at

Photos by Virtual Speech Lab

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