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Inspired by the Community Youth Action Network


Well it’s official, the show has literally gone to the dogs! In this episode of Inspiring Youth TV we feature The Community Youth Action Network (CYAN) and talk to them about how they help youth get started in volunteering and working in teams. We… Continue Reading “Inspired by the Community Youth Action Network”

Keep Your Relationships Strong on the Road

Relationship talk on The Lead Pedal Podcast

In this episode Bruce talks about the importance if paying attention to those people left at home so that your relationships remain strong over your career. His money in the bank theory is a great way to keep love in the relationship for the… Continue Reading “Keep Your Relationships Strong on the Road”

Have you used Summer to your advantage?

Truck Show Picture

During the Summer months many of us go into vacation mode and the transportation industry is no different. Unless you have the type of position where you can go away for most of the Summer you probably still need to work, but there are… Continue Reading “Have you used Summer to your advantage?”

The Goal Challenge

I don’t often talk about death, but I do talk about goal setting very often. The difference this time is that I had a good friend of mine pass away over the last few weeks at a very young age. I have known him… Continue Reading “The Goal Challenge”

Where is the Bar Set on Your Value System?

Over the last few months there has been a big story in the media regarding a family that killed their two girls and the husband’s ex-wife. The family being accused and recently found guilty had said they did the horrific deed because their daughters… Continue Reading “Where is the Bar Set on Your Value System?”

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