Bruce Outridge talks Trucking on Road Today 360 Television Show

Bruce and Manan

I had the privilege of being interviewed by media guru Manan Gupta for his television show Road Today 360 on channel 5 to talk about the transportation industry and offer information for drivers in the industry. It is always an honour to be featured on Road Today's networks. The interview is featured in two parts …

Top Drivers Require These Three Tips!

Truck Show Picture

We are into a new year and I am hopeful that 2017 will be a good year for everyone. If you are looking into improving your career for 2017 and becoming a top driver in your fleet then you want to take a look at these three areas for improvement. Why these three areas? These …

How did your year turnout?


Do you feel as exhausted as I do? It has been a crazy year, there have been the wackiest elections in history, the economy is up and down, and the weather is getting crazier every day. Social media has our everyday lives turning into a movie for all to consume and hatred seems to be …

Have you used Summer to your advantage?

Truck Show Picture

During the Summer months many of us go into vacation mode and the transportation industry is no different. Unless you have the type of position where you can go away for most of the Summer you probably still need to work, but there are ways of using that to your advantage. Check out this video …

The Lead Pedal Podcast Interviews Linda Colgan of Bryson Insurance


I had the pleasure of interviewing Linda Colgan of Bryson Insurance in the latest episode of The Lead Pedal Podcast. We talk all things insurance and if you are a truck driver, owner operator, or in charge of a fleet then you won't want to miss this episode. Check it out!