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Drug Check with DriverCheck’s Jeremy Thiel


Bruce chats with Jeremy Thiel of DriverCheck on how drugs are affecting the industry and the side effects of certain street drugs. The two talk about the latest threat on the street in Fentanyl and why drivers need to be careful about what they… Continue Reading “Drug Check with DriverCheck’s Jeremy Thiel”

Become a Personal Brand with Paul Copcutt


Bruce chats with branding expert Paul Copcutt on the importance of creating a strong brand as an employee in the trucking industry. Understand why having a brand is important even if you are not in business and how that can help you move into… Continue Reading “Become a Personal Brand with Paul Copcutt”

Become a Smart Trucker with Manan Gupta


Bruce and Manan talk about the Smart Trucker Seminar Series starting on April 11th and the changes to the program from years gone by. Find out why you want to be a part of this series and the benefits of doing so. This series… Continue Reading “Become a Smart Trucker with Manan Gupta”

Get Clean Inspections and Improve Your Career


Bruce chats with Bud Kneller of Frontline Commercial Vehicle Solutions. bud is an ex-MTO Inspector that used to work at the scales on Canada’s busiest highway the 401 that goes through Ontario. The two talk about how drivers can have better inspections and how… Continue Reading “Get Clean Inspections and Improve Your Career”

Save taxes with Brent Ashby of RS2000 Tax Consultants

Brent Ashby

In this episode Bruce talks with Brent Ashby of RS2000 Tax Consultants on how owner operators can lower taxes, get ready at this time of year and improve their tax situation. The two talk about what to look for when starting a business, how… Continue Reading “Save taxes with Brent Ashby of RS2000 Tax Consultants”

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