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Are you holding back your own business with missed opportunity?

computer cartoon by Bruce Outridge

It continues to amaze me how many entrepreneurs and small business owners spend so much time trying to search out business, but miss great opportunities when presented to them right under their nose. It baffles me, but I see it all the time. People… Continue Reading “Are you holding back your own business with missed opportunity?”

Market to your audience with these 5 steps!


Bruce talks about what you should think about when marketing your art business. These five areas should be included in every marketing plan and Bruce explains the science behind it. Find your perfect customer by taking the steps in this episode. Click her to… Continue Reading “Market to your audience with these 5 steps!”

Websites need these important elements.

website cover image

Bruce talks about the elements that should be included when creative entrepreneurs are building a website and why they want to think about the big picture and the content they will share with their fans. The Tune of the Week is ‘3 Day Weekend’… Continue Reading “Websites need these important elements.”

Work With the Seasons to Sell More Art


Retailers do this and you should too. Learn how to use the natural flow of the year such as the seasons or the holidays to create a buzz for your art form and improving sales at shows and to clients. Thinking ahead and planning… Continue Reading “Work With the Seasons to Sell More Art”

Market to Your Local Area


We go to places everyday in our local neighbourhoods and many times don’t notice ways that we can be marketing our businesses in our local area. As a creative entrepreneur you may be missing key locations that can help your business thrive just by… Continue Reading “Market to Your Local Area”

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