Who should be talking to the media for your company?

The Interview Cartoon by Bruce Outridge

Everyday we are being approached more and more about being in the media. Do you want to be on my podcast? Would you like to be on television? Can I interview you for our radio show? There was a time when media interviews were just for celebrities, damage relief efforts, or other such important matters. YouTube changed all of that and with the expansion of the Internet media channels are opening up all over. Sure you may get more exposure on Oprah, but you have more chance of being interviewed on YouTube. Does that make it any less important? Not in the eyes of the viewer? It’s a fact that people spend more time watching YouTube than Oprah.

It doesn’t matter how small the media channel is, it’s a media channel. What is better about YouTube and other channels is that they live on well after the show is taped and can be downloaded and shared to specific audiences allowing for better visibility and promotion. In other words you get more bang for your buck with more opportunity.

So who should be interviewed?

You or your company has been approached about doing an interview, who should be the person talking? If you are a solo entrepreneur then it may have to be you and we will talk about how to do that in a minute. Sometimes it depends on the situation, if the situation is a tragedy then the President of the company or an appropriate executive should be the talking to the media. That shows the public that the company executives are in control of the situation and the company is showing remorse for the situation. Hopefully your company won’t have many of those situations.

If your company is asked to be interviewed about their products or service then that CEO may not be the best choice. You want someone who will be engaging, knowledgeable, and charismatic, and that is not always the CEO of the company. They may have the knowledge part but may be failing in being charismatic or engaging.

I helped a company develop some promotional videos for their business. The CEO was in charge of promotion for the business and would be the one in front of the camera. That was not the best choice. When we shot the videos they came across flat and much of that was the person doing the video. He had a very monotone voice, little facial expression, and lack of energy when presenting the topic. He was knowledgeable, but lacked the other attributes. The video could have been much better with someone more engaging.

The person interviewed needs to be knowledgeable about the topic and someone engaging or camera ready should we say. The person should be energetic, excited, and able to answer general questions about the subject matter.


What to do if you are the only person to be interviewed!

If you are the only person that can be on the interview either because you are

Bruce on an interview
Bruce on an interview

a solo entrepreneur or have the only knowledge on your topic then you will have to be in front of the camera. Don’t be dull and boring. Be excited about being in front of the camera. It is okay to be nervous we all are. The producer of the show needs you to be excited and engaging. Keep your information geared towards the audience so that the topic remains about them. Every show has a certain entertainment value for the audience. By being excited, engaged, and focusing your information on the audience you will help with the entertainment factor of the show. Being good in the media could propel your company for the future, so jump at the opportunities.

About the Author

Bruce has been interviewing people for years. With two podcasts, moderator for events, and interviewee on other people’s radio and television shows allows Bruce to have a good handle on how to prepare for interviews on both sides of the microphone. Between his podcasts, seminars, and an author for publications he understands what it takes to communicate with audiences. You can learn about Bruce’s podcasts at www.cashinginoncreativitypodcast.com and www.leadpedalpodcast.com . You can learn more about Bruce at www.bruceoutridge.com

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