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Grow your business by helping to inspire others.

Recently I was at an event for high school students offing them inspiration and information on careers. This event called Men and Career Coaches mixes men in the community with high school students at an annual dinner event with Halton Industry Educational Council. This… Continue Reading “Grow your business by helping to inspire others.”

3 Tips to More Creative and Successful Meetings

The Boring Meeting

3 Tips to More Creative and Successful Meetings If you ask most people that are in meetings on a regular basis you will find that many find them boring and unproductive. People gather in a room at a certain time of day for hours… Continue Reading “3 Tips to More Creative and Successful Meetings”

Joining a National Organization like CAPS

I often say networking is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Especially when you get the chance to meet the top people in your industry such as Patricia Fripp. Our national organization Canadian Association for Professional Speakers recently… Continue Reading “Joining a National Organization like CAPS”

An interview is about them not you!

Runaway Guest Cartoon by Bruce Outridge

With media platforms on the internet becoming more popular than ever before there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to be interviewed or showcased in the media. It used to be that the media was known only as the news on television… Continue Reading “An interview is about them not you!”

Who should be talking to the media for your company?

The Interview Cartoon by Bruce Outridge

Everyday we are being approached more and more about being in the media. Do you want to be on my podcast? Would you like to be on television? Can I interview you for our radio show? There was a time when media interviews were… Continue Reading “Who should be talking to the media for your company?”

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