Grow your business by helping to inspire others.

Recently I was at an event for high school students offing them inspiration and information on careers. This event called Men and Career Coaches mixes men in the community with high school students at an annual dinner event with Halton Industry Educational Council.

HIEC event

This was my second year attending the event. My first year was as a keynote speaker showing my varied route to entrepreneurship. Here is how it backfires. As the coaches we are supposed to be inspiring the students, but every year I come home inspired. I’m inspired that HIEC was able to get 400 people in a room and serve them a full dinner, I’m inspired by the 19 year old emcee that is one of the most ambitious people I know, and of course I am inspired by the excellent stories of people’s lives offered by the keynote speakers.

HIEC Event

So as an entrepreneur if you want to be inspired to take your business or career to another level then get involved in your community. Go inspire those in a group and help them build successful lives through business or careers. If you’re lucky it might just backfire.

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Bruce Outridge is a creative entrepreneur helping people have successful careers through inspiration and creativity. You can learn more about Bruce or get information to get your career started through his podcasts, television show, books, or better yet get Bruce to speak to your group. You can learn more at

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