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3 Tips to More Creative and Successful Meetings

The Boring Meeting

3 Tips to More Creative and Successful Meetings If you ask most people that are in meetings on a regular basis you will find that many find them boring and unproductive. People gather in a room at a certain time of day for hours… Continue Reading “3 Tips to More Creative and Successful Meetings”

Bruce Talks Careers at CHET Academy-March 7th, 2018

Bruce on stage during a story

I am looking forward to presenting to the students of Commercial Heavy Equipment Training in Mississauga about careers in the transportation industry and how they can be successful as professional drivers. I will be offering a short version of my Own Our Position presentation… Continue Reading “Bruce Talks Careers at CHET Academy-March 7th, 2018”

Inspired by the Community Youth Action Network


Well it’s official, the show has literally gone to the dogs! In this episode of Inspiring Youth TV we feature The Community Youth Action Network (CYAN) and talk to them about how they help youth get started in volunteering and working in teams. We… Continue Reading “Inspired by the Community Youth Action Network”

A Look at the Autism Job Club – Part 2


This is the second part of the Autism Job Club. The Autism Job Club was featured on Inspiring Youth TV for the first time in November and has replayed over the two week period. We also filmed their conference as a special for the… Continue Reading “A Look at the Autism Job Club – Part 2”

Fleet Safety Council Conference 2017-Speaker Testimonial

Bruce Presenting at FSC

Bruce presented 3 Steps to Creating Content at the 26th Annual Fleet Safety Council Conference. The information was very well received by our delegates. Bruce did a fantastic job engaging the group and providing them with an interactive session. Those in attendance were able… Continue Reading “Fleet Safety Council Conference 2017-Speaker Testimonial”

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