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Is it Time for a Career Change? Project Planning for Staff.

Marsha walked over to Francine’s desk with an armful of papers hoping to get some help with an assignment due over the next week. As she approached her desk it became apparent that this would not be an easy conversation, Francine had that look… Continue Reading “Is it Time for a Career Change? Project Planning for Staff.”

Are you following your game plan?

Are you following your game plan? Many people especially entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, artists etc. have great intentions of creating a marketing plan and implementing it, however when they don’t see any results they start to slip into that complacency stage assuming nothing is working.… Continue Reading “Are you following your game plan?”

Complacency Almost Killed Me!

I’ll never forget it, it was the perfect day for driving. A beautiful sun was overhead, fresh spring air out of my window, dry roads, and nothing but flat land highway with no four wheelers bouncing around like ping pong balls. For a professional… Continue Reading “Complacency Almost Killed Me!”

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