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The Lead Pedal Podcast is now available on SoundCloud

We know that not everyone is listening to their favourite podcasts on the same platform. If you are not familiar with podcasts you may not understand how they work. Think of podcasts like radio stations on your radio. The cool thing is that you…

The Lead Pedal Podcast ranks in top 50 on iTunes

Okay now I am totally stoked. I was doing a search on iTunes this morning for a certain podcast I had heard about and noticed we have hit #49 in the careers section for podcasts. That means out of the 300 podcasts listed on…

Bruce Outridge is interviewed on Trucker Radio about new podcast for truck drivers


I was recently interviewed by Trucker Radio about The Lead Pedal Podcast by radio host Stan Campbell. It was a pleasure to be on the show and I appreciate the opportunity. If you would like to listen to the interview just click the link…

Here is how you can subscribe to The Lead Pedal Podcast

This is a short video on how you can subscribe to The Lead Pedal Podcast and to also thank you for all your support. I certainly appreciate everyone’s support and hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks again!

Thank You for your Support

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their support for launch day of The Lead Pedal Podcast. It was a great event and now we begin the uphill climb of building a solid audience. If you know of anyone that may…

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