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Never To Old To Be Inspired!

Odette Accounting Meeting

Never To Old To Be Inspired! I talk to a lot of people in my work as a podcaster, television host, and speaker. Yet with all the interviews, all the handshaking and all the networking I am always amazed at the young people of… Continue Reading “Never To Old To Be Inspired!”

Inspiring Youth Talks Technology with Haltech

Haltech and Inspiring Youth TV

In this episode we take a look at Haltech. Haltech helps young entrepreneurs with technology based businesses start their business and get it up and operating. In this episode we talk with organizers of the program and students that are now helping other students… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Talks Technology with Haltech”

Inspiring Youth Goes Golfing with Special Olympics


We feature the Special Olympics Golf Program in Burlington Ontario in this episode of the Inspiring Youth TV Show. The golf program is extremely important and popular in many communities around the Province. Find out why the coaches get involved and what it means… Continue Reading “Inspiring Youth Goes Golfing with Special Olympics”

The Trick to Self Improvement is to Inspire Yourself

Mauve Sharkey Interview

Improving yourself is a non-stop battle in life. If you don’t do it you don’t grow and miss potential successes that you may have in store for you. If you try to grow or are inspired by outside sources that are not true to… Continue Reading “The Trick to Self Improvement is to Inspire Yourself”

What’s your take on customer service?

People view customer service in many different ways. Some say the customer is always right and others say customers don’t understand how the business process works. Different cultures and beliefs will often change the way you look at customer service and their are often… Continue Reading “What’s your take on customer service?”

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