Never To Old To Be Inspired!

Odette Accounting Meeting

Never To Old To Be Inspired!

I talk to a lot of people in my work as a podcaster, television host, and speaker. Yet with all the interviews, all the handshaking and all the networking I am always amazed at the young people of the day. Oh sure they get a bad rap for their love of technology and lack of people skills. Many times we judge a whole generation based on the people we know in our own lives. When we take the time to venture out and understand, meet, and learn about others we understand or see the larger picture. It allows us to add context to their understanding of life.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting and speaking to a group from the University of Windsor and the Odette Accounting Society about leadership and careers. They are looking at big opportunities for their careers but maybe don’t really understand what the future will hold. The focus for young people is quite different for someone my age that has a different outlook in life.

Bruce chats with Odette Students

With careers that now have a lasting effect of five years or less in life it is quite different than our careers of the past where people worked at a place for over twenty five years. I believe many just want to see where their lives will lead, but they don’t see it with things changing so fast in technology and business that they are almost stopped in shock not knowing which way to turn next.

This is why I have always been suggesting to young entrepreneurs to just get started on their career of choice today as no one can tell the future. I didn’t know I would have the career I have today because much of today’s technology was not developed years ago and not something I could have envisioned.

I am happy to see young entrepreneurs that are focused on the problems of today because those are the issues that are in the forefront today. I spoke with a team for my television show that developed a job app for young students not knowing where to find jobs. That technology was created out of their own needs to find a job and trying to help others at the same time. My own Son has found a passionate path in broadcasting all because he took a chance and started a podcast. There is a real need to just get started down that career path and find those things that you are passionate about.


Once young people get inspired to get started down a certain road they have the knowledge and skills that many of the older generation don’t have and can help us navigate future. Our job as an older generation is to show the leadership skills needed to be good people for the future. The job of the young person is to get inspired by their own lives so that they can begin to learn what really matters to them allowing them to create their career of choice.

About the Author

Bruce Outridge is an artist, author, podcast, television host, and speaker. He helps inspire and educate creative entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams by showing them those that have gone before them in similar ways. Bruce is the author of four books on business and leadership, hosts and produces two podcasts, co-produces the Inspiring Youth Television Show, and speaks to audiences throughout Canada. You can learn more about Bruce and his work at or

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