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Take an Art Getaway with Dawn Angela Seeley and Maureen Fautley


Bruce chats with artists Dawn-Angela Seeley and Maureen Fautley about their art getaways and how they got started organizing art tours around the world. Find out what happens on the trips, what you see, and how the trips are structured. You will learn about… Continue Reading “Take an Art Getaway with Dawn Angela Seeley and Maureen Fautley”

Start an Art Instruction Business with Mary Driussi


Bruce chats with Mary Driussi who hires art instructors from around the world for workshops and classes in Southern Ontario. The two talk about what it takes to be a good instructor and how an artist can improve their business by teaching their chosen… Continue Reading “Start an Art Instruction Business with Mary Driussi”

Starting a Career in Radio with Stan Campbell


Stan’s radio stations are broadcasted all over the world through an unique streaming service. If ever wanted to be in radio then this is the episode for you. You can learn more about Trucker Radio at http://www.truckerradio.com or more about Stan at Alexis Broadcasting… Continue Reading “Starting a Career in Radio with Stan Campbell”

Websites need these important elements.

website cover image

Bruce talks about the elements that should be included when creative entrepreneurs are building a website and why they want to think about the big picture and the content they will share with their fans. The Tune of the Week is ‘3 Day Weekend’… Continue Reading “Websites need these important elements.”

The Power of Working as a Team

CC009 image

Bruce chats with Nick and Patty Nix who run a successful illustration and entertainment business for over 20 years. This successful couple of found the secret to working together allowing them to build a business with focus. nick is a professional cartoonist and caricature… Continue Reading “The Power of Working as a Team”

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